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"I found the mediation training extremely useful. The mediation framework is extremely relevant to modern management situations providing a comprehensive framework to manage the resolution of disputes and tensions in the workplace. I highly recommend the training, the associated methodology and appreciated Nicoletta’s skilled delivery of the course".

Susan Hunt CEO Perth Zoo. Mediation for Leadership Training

We currently have the following training available and we can customise training to suit your particular requirements.

Mediation for Leadership/ Mediation Essentials

Mediation has become a buzzword for any action taken to resolve conflict. This workshop reveals what true mediation is by focusing on the principles, process and skills of mediation. The workshop is suitable for anyone who:

  • Is in a position where managing or resolving conflict is part of their role
  • Is involved in tribunal and/or court mediation or conciliation processes
  • Would like to have a better understanding of what mediation can achieve
  • Wants to feel more confident when deciding when to use mediation and what questions to ask external mediation providers

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"I feel that the workshop would be most beneficial for Managers and hopefully will
be able to organise for the near future"

Participant in Conflict Management Training

Effective Conflict Management (CUA 3.0.7A)

Often conflict is viewed as negative but when managed well conflict can be rejuvenating for the people involved and the organisation.
In this workshop conflict management will be examined so that knowledge and skills discussed during the workshop can be directly applied into the workplace. Content includes:

  • Physiological and neurological responses to conflict and its impact
  • Understand self in the face of conflict
  • Approaches to conflict
  • Importance of compliance with legislative and common law requirements when managing conflict (how to anticipate and address concerns quickly using appropriate strategies)
  • The triangle of satisfied interests
  • Using the LUSERF model to guide conflict management
  • Listening, questioning, reframing, mirroring and other skills needed for conflict management.

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"I really enjoyed the workshop and the opportunity to put some of the learnings into practice,
I learned a lot of unexpected information."

Participant in Mediation for Leadership Training

Grievance Policy Development 101

Having the correct policy for your organisation can make a difference to how well conflict is resolved, as the policy is the framework used by managers and grievance officers when managing conflict. Lack of clarity, inconsistencies, and poor explanation of pathways can lead to no resolution or increased conflict. This interactive workshop covers:

  • important elements of an effective grievance policy
  • significance of formal and informal processes
  • compliance with the Grievance Standard
  • clear pathways for managing a grievance

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"...enjoyed access to Nicoletta’s great expertise and knowledge."

Participant in Mediation for Leadership Training

Mediation Taster

We are available to come to your workplace or organisation to give a free one hour presentation about Mediation and its benefits.

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"...should be compulsory to all staff."

Participant in Mediation for Leadership training

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