About Us

Solutions for Conflict

Solutions for Conflict was incorporated to respond to the needs of individuals, and organisations that want to manage and resolve conflict in a way that:

  • Reduces the likelihood of conflict escalating
  • Builds capacity so that individuals and organisations can deal with conflict better in the future
  • Restores positive relationships
  • Allows clients to create their own solution rather than have an unsatisfactory one imposed on them
  • Keeps the negative impact of conflict to a minimum
  • Avoids or minimises the need for litigation

We offer a specialised consultancy service in mediation and conflict management. We can be appointed to:

  • Act as mediators and facilitators
  • Advise on appropriate conflict and grievance management processes and documentation
  • Provide training in our core competencies

Nicoletta Ciffolilli

(Director and Principal Mediator)
BJuris, LL.B, Voc. Grad. Diploma FDR, NMAS Accreditation, CertIV TAE, Approved Court Mediator Family Court WA, Admitted to Supreme Court WA and High Court Australia.

Nicoletta has been mediating since 1993 and has many thousand hours of experience in mediation, conciliation, adjudication, and facilitation in a variety of areas including interpersonal, workplace, business to business, government to business, and community. She also has extensive experience over a decade in conducting grievance, misconduct and breach of standards investigations. She was Instructing Solicitor for the KEMH Inquiry.

Solutions for Conflict can assist in many conflict management and grievance scenarios, please feel free to contact us...