Mediation allows clients to resolve disputes or conflict quickly and cost effectively. Through mediation clients clarify the problem before considering various possibilities by which it can be resolved. As a result of engaging in the mediation process, clients create innovative sustainable solutions that meet their needs and interests. Often they also emerge from mediation with a new and effective working, business or parenting, relationship.

Mediation provides a means for clients to avoid costly and protracted litigation and its associated stress.

Solutions for Conflict is able to assist in a number of areas including:

  • Workplace
  • Commercial disputes (including franchises, leases and partnerships)
  • Inheritance and succession
  • Natural Resources
  • Personal Injuries
  • Strata Management

Our services can be used before or during litigation. Mediation has also been used during contractual negotiations and in succession planning to avoid disputes occurring later.

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Conflict Management

Ignoring workplace tensions can lead to serious conflict developing, which can then spiral out of control into formal grievances, sick leave and workers compensation claims. Also, contrary to expectations, disciplinary and grievance investigations may not give the desired result but in many situations can lead to further conflict.
We are able to assist by providing advice on management of grievances and disciplinary matters so you can avoid the conflict escalating and have an outcome that delivers a workable solution and finality.

We can also assist with development of grievance resolution policies and mediation of grievances.

By engaging Solutions for Conflict you have the benefit of access to Nicoletta’s extensive experience over a decade in conducting grievance, misconduct and breach of standards investigations.

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Family Dispute Resolution (FDR)

In most cases separating parents need to attend FDR before commencing proceedings in the Family Court. In FDR parents can work out arrangements for their children in a way that recognises their contributions to their child’s care and support at the same time being mindful of their child’s developmental needs.

Solutions for Conflict can also assist you with financial and property settlements. The Family Court’s Case Management Guidelines provide that in property cases if parties have already participated in mediation then the parties may not have to attend a conciliation conference. This represents a saving to clients in terms of costs and time as well as avoiding added pressure at an already difficult time.

Our Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) has previously worked as a family lawyer and has extensive experience in this area. She has also trained and supervised other FDRPs.

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We provide public and in-house training in conflict management and mediation throughout the year, click here for more detailed training information.

By participating in our training you have access to our facilitator’s extensive practical experience and skills, and theoretical knowledge. 

Our facilitator/trainer is a lawyer and experienced mediator, assessor and supervisor of other mediators in a variety of settings. She has broad experience in disciplinary, grievance and breach of standards investigations. She also has a Certificate IV (TAE40110) qualification and extensive experience teaching mediation and conflict management processes and skills, and ethics at an undergraduate, postgraduate and adult education level.

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