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Unresolved conflict often leads to losses in health, energy, resources, time, morale and profits. Finding ways to avoid or reduce these losses in future can be of great benefit.

We are experienced in assisting individuals, Small to Medium Enterprises, Private and Public companies and the Public Sector to resolve existing conflict, avoid conflict escalating and develop strategies to manage conflict better in the future.

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Our services are provided in a way that enables clients to develop skills and strategies so that in the future they can manage and resolve conflict better.

We provide support and advice on conflict management/resolution processes, and mediation and facilitation services in non litigious situations.  We can also assist with advice on dispute resolution processes and mediation services for those already involved in litigation. 

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All of our services are provided in a confidential and ethical manner. Your contact with us is kept confidential regardless of whether or not you proceed.

Our mediators are nationally accredited and act in accordance with the Australian National Mediator Standards. Our Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRPs) are accredited under the Family Law Act 1975.

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